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How to win at online horse betting: 5 proven strategies

Are you looking to expand your betting portfolio by trying out something new? If so, have you ever thought about trying out horse race betting? Perhaps you have but you found the prospect daunting and intimidating? If this is you, do not worry because betting on horses doesn’t have to be an opportunity for huge losses. In fact, with some research and strategy, horse betting can turn into a regular skilled game of profitability. Keep reading because in this article we will be discussing five proven strategies for winning at horse betting. We’ll look at everything from knowing the odds to knowing when to talk away so keep reading to learn more.

Know the odds.

The first and one of the most important things to understand when betting on horses is the odds. The odds of a race are a representation of how likely a horse is to win a race and they are usually displayed as a fraction or a decimal. Confused? Not to worry, here is an example: if a horse has odds of 3/1, it means that for every $1 you bet, you will win $3 if the horse happens to win the race. If the horse has odds of 1.5, this means that for every $1 you bet, you will win $1.50 if the horse wins the race. Before you place any bets, it is important that you understand the odds because they will help you determine how much money you could win at the end of the race.

Bet on the right races.

Another important thing to consider when betting on horses is which races you should bet on. There are many different types of horse races and it is important to note that not all races are created equal. You will find that some races are more predictable than others while some races may be more likely to favour certain types of horses. Before placing a bet, it is important that you do your research on the different types of races so that you can feel confident when you are placing a bet. If you’re a beginner we would generally advise you also stay away from in-play betting, as this type of betting can cause you to rush your decisions.

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Consider the horse’s form.

When you are choosing a horse to bet on, it is important that you consider the horse’s form which is also very important. When we talk about the horse’s form we are referring to a horse’s recent performances and races and this gives us an idea of how the horse is likely to fare in future races. If the horse has been performing well in recent races, the horse is more likely to do well in future races compared to a horse who has been struggling for example. With that being said, it is important to remember that form can change quickly so it is always worth checking up on a horse’s form before you go ahead and place a bet.

Look at the trainer’s record.

Another thing that can affect the horse’s performance in a race is the trainer’s record. Some trainers are much better at getting their horses ready for race day than others and this can make a significant difference in how successful a horse is. If you are considering betting on a particular horse, it is worth it for you to look up the trainer’s record to see how successful they have been in the past.

Know when to walk away.

Finally, you need to also know when to walk away from betting on horses. There will be some times when no matter how much research you do, you will not feel confident about any of the horses that are running in a particular race. In such instances, it is best to simply call it a day and walk away. You can always wait for another day rather than risking your money on a race that you are not confident about.

So, there you have it! 5 proven strategies for winning at horse betting. Remember to always know the odds of a race, bet on the right races, consider the horses form, look at the trainers record and know when to walk away from a race. If you follow these steps, you are sure to walk away a winner at the races.


4 Tennis Betting Tips to Increase Winning

Betting in tennis is quite easy to do. However, betting and winning is another thing entirely. You can know which the best betting sites to bet on tennis are. You can even know what the different types of tennis bets are. But these two bodies of knowledge don’t ensure your bets winning.

Fear not, because we are here to offer you several tennis betting tips that will increase your chances of winning. Let’s take a look.

Focus on a Type of Match

people watching tennis - 4 Tennis Betting Tips to Increase Winning

There are a great number of tennis match types that you can choose to bet on. You have men or women singles, men or women doubles, and mixed doubles that sees a man and a woman team up.

If you are a fan of tennis, you will no doubt gravitate towards a specific tennis match type. You will eventually be a fan of a match type and learn a lot about the players who play there, who is good, and who isn’t.

Once you do, this will serve as your specialization. It is ideal for you to stick to your specialization. The fact is that the analysis that goes in to every game when you place a bet is a lot of hard work. You’ll have to analyze a lot of factors and players. Focusing on what you specialize in can be just the trick for you.

In much the same way, you should also focus on the specific tennis betting bet that you are good at or very familiar with. This could either be outright betting, correct score betting, and many more. The same logic applies. Betting on what you are good at will mean less mistakes.

Record Your Betting Actions

man writing on paper while checking computer - 4 Tennis Betting Tips to Increase Winning

In order to aid the previous point, you should keep a record of your bets. This record should hold the tournament you bet at, the player you bet on, the score of that game, the date, the odds, the bookmaker, and the bet type.

All of this is data for you to use for your future bets. This will help you analyze what is happening in the world of tennis and may eventually lead to long-term profits.

Think About the Surface

man walking in tennis court - 4 Tennis Betting Tips to Increase Winning

The tennis courts have different surfaces. These are either clay or grass. Every player has a preferred surface. You need to look at these details when you make a bet. If the player you are betting on is good on grass surface, but the tournament is on clay, maybe you should rethink your bet.

Keep Learning

two girls cheking their laptop - 4 Tennis Betting Tips to Increase Winning

The final tip we have is to keep on learning tips that will help you out when betting on tennis. You should keep an open mind and stay hungry for any more tips for tennis sports betting that will help you win.

If you stay with us, the Illinois Challenger team will continue to provide you with the best tips for tennis sports betting.


3 Types of Tennis Bets You Should Know

In our previous article, we spoke about the best betting sites for tennis. It is all well and good to learn about which sites to place your bets on and which sites are the best to do so. However, if you don’t know the different types of bets when betting on tennis, you may be in a spot of trouble.

Let’s take a look at three types of tennis bets you should know.

Correct Score

tennis score - 3 Types of Tennis Bets You Should Know

First off, we have the Correct Score bet. This specific type of bet will require you to not only guess who will win the game, but also the margin of victory as seen in the score of both competitors.

This type of betting have a lot of different sub types as well. For instance, you can guess the correct score of the first set. You can also bet on the correct score of the whole game.

In-Play Betting

man playing tennis - 3 Types of Tennis Bets You Should Know

Next up we have In-Play Betting. As the name suggests, this type of betting happens during the middle of a game. For example, you can bet on who will win the first game, who will get the first point of a particular game, how many games are played in a match, and so many more.

Illinois Challenger feels that the In-Play Betting type allows for a lot of versatility when betting on tennis. This is a big reason why sport bettors like betting on tennis.

Outright Betting

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Finally, we have outright betting. This is actually the simplest way to bet and is likely the one that most people are doing. When you do outright betting, you simple choose which of the competitors will win in that game. This is the “match betting” aspect of outright betting.

However, you can also look at a tournament in its entirety and bet on who will win the whole thing. When betting on who will win the entire tournament, the return could be higher. However, there is a bigger risk when doing so.

The risk comes because whoever you choose will need to win a string of games to win the whole thing. Things don’t always go as planned.

These are a few types of tennis bets that you should learn. Make sure you use the right type of tennis bet, and you might be looking at a tidy profit for yourself. Good luck.


2 Best Tennis Betting Sites

Tennis has many fans all across the globe. People respond to the raw competition between two people. The skill needed to hit the ball a certain way. The interesting characters that come up the ranks. And the volatile nature of the matchups.

It is also for this reason that sports bettors like betting on tennis. One great way for people to bet on tennis is by using betting websites. With so many out there though, the inexperienced bettor would not know which to choose.

Here are several tennis betting sites that you should consider when betting on tennis, presented by the Illinois Challenger team.


Screenshot 2018 11 14 Online Sports Betting The Best Odds Pinnacle - 2 Best Tennis Betting Sites
The first sports betting site we’ll be looking at is Pinnacle. For the experienced bettors, Pinnacle is a very famous site. However, for relative newcomers to the betting game, especially to Tennis, people might not have heard about Pinnacle.

In today’s day and age, betting sites are all about the glitz and glamour. They focus on marketing their websites in order to have more people frequent them. Pinnacle is a very rare betting site that throws all of that out of the window.

Instead, Pinnacle is all about the betting and more importantly, the odds. They offer the best odds on a wide variety of sports. They also have the highest limit of wagers among all the other websites. Thus, you can bet a high amount of money without being stopped.

While there is no bonus, much like other betting sites, for experienced bettors Pinnacle is a great betting site to frequent.


Screenshot 2018 11 14 Sportsbook Casino Live Casino and Virtual Sports at Bethard - 2 Best Tennis Betting Sites

Next up, we have Bethard. Bethard has taken considerable effort to grow their tennis betting section. In their section, there are a wide variety of betting types that you can participate in. They also offer good odds.

These are only a few of the best tennis betting sites. We hope you find the best betting site that will work for you.