2 Best Tennis Betting Sites

Tennis has many fans all across the globe. People respond to the raw competition between two people. The skill needed to hit the ball a certain way. The interesting characters that come up the ranks. And the volatile nature of the matchups.

It is also for this reason that sports bettors like betting on tennis. One great way for people to bet on tennis is by using betting websites. With so many out there though, the inexperienced bettor would not know which to choose.

Here are several tennis betting sites that you should consider when betting on tennis, presented by the Illinois Challenger team.


Screenshot 2018 11 14 Online Sports Betting The Best Odds Pinnacle - 2 Best Tennis Betting Sites
The first sports betting site we’ll be looking at is Pinnacle. For the experienced bettors, Pinnacle is a very famous site. However, for relative newcomers to the betting game, especially to Tennis, people might not have heard about Pinnacle.

In today’s day and age, betting sites are all about the glitz and glamour. They focus on marketing their websites in order to have more people frequent them. Pinnacle is a very rare betting site that throws all of that out of the window.

Instead, Pinnacle is all about the betting and more importantly, the odds. They offer the best odds on a wide variety of sports. They also have the highest limit of wagers among all the other websites. Thus, you can bet a high amount of money without being stopped.

While there is no bonus, much like other betting sites, for experienced bettors Pinnacle is a great betting site to frequent.


Screenshot 2018 11 14 Sportsbook Casino Live Casino and Virtual Sports at Bethard - 2 Best Tennis Betting Sites

Next up, we have Bethard. Bethard has taken considerable effort to grow their tennis betting section. In their section, there are a wide variety of betting types that you can participate in. They also offer good odds.

These are only a few of the best tennis betting sites. We hope you find the best betting site that will work for you.